The Voice of My Soul

I was attracted to yoga over 10 years ago to keep mentally focused and physically fit and now in my 40’s, I like to think of time on my mat being grounding and nourishing in a busy world - this creates space for me to re-connect to nature and to ‘come home to myself'.
Gabby Louise x

Gabby loves being outside. Her soul is nourished when she feels the air on her skin and the freedom of looking beyond walls, into vast expanses of natural environment to clear the mind - allowing a sense of peace, inner stillness and space to arrive.

Yoga and sound helped Gabby through changing times, leaving a fast paced job in the sports industry following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and generally downscaling every part of her life so she could create time and space to reconnect with her true being. What she shares in the Yoga & Sound Space in Watlington, comes from deep personal experience and every day new learnings.

Both yoga and sound draw upon traditional Chinese medicine (among other eastern medicine), as does Thai Yoga Massage which Gabby also offers, having trained in the Thai jungle with Mudita Thai Massage School.

What others say and feel

"I didn’t realise quite how powerful and helpful in my life Yoga could be, until I started my classes with you. I can really feel the energy you put into the class and I am learning so much more every time I come to class."
"When you worked your magic on my legs I got the most beautiful turquoise light behind my eyes - felt like it was flooding out of my brain, felt great and floated home. Thank you."
"Thank you so much for the class - it was honestly brilliant and I slept like a dream!"
"I can’t tell you how much I am benefiting as it’s not just when I am in class that I see this, but in my life in general."
"Thanks so much for Tuesday’s session - I could really feel you reaching out to help me and I so appreciated it."
"I didn't really know what to expect last night at all, but goodness what a difference to my sleep & stress levels!"