Sound assists the brain to slow down to the deeper rhythms normally only accessible to those very experienced in meditation.

In a sound session however the brain rhythms start to slow, our awareness shifts and we become more open to perceiving life in a different way. Many experience enhanced creativity, inspiration, self-reflection, self-healing and deep relaxation. Using sound for healing can help in many ways, e.g. sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress management & pain management.

Individual Sound sessions are 60-75 minutes and can be booked daily.



Tuning Forks on the Musical Spine

This powerful technique uses tuning forks and colour lights along the spine to harmonise the nervous system, chakras and subtle energy fields. It releases back pain, tension & chronic stress in the body. It can also assist in improving sleep, emotional stress and recovery from injury. Individual sessions only.

Tuning Forks on Acupuncture Command Points

This technique uses stainless steel tuning forks and colour lights on acupuncture commands points to balance the meridians and empower the organs. Helps physical symptons and fatigue. Individual sessions only.

Sound Harmonisations

Harmonising the subtle energy fields with acoustic instruments & elemental sounds around the body, tuning you with yourself. Small groups or individual sessions. Group sessions are held regularly, contact Gabby for details of the next one.

Sound Therapy

Using similar playing techniques to the Sound Harmonisation, Sound Therapy introduces a series of abstract and impersonal questions to help an individual work through a specific situation that they may need support with. This approach is taken from the British Academy of Sound Therapy and has been shown to be very effective at improving general health and wellbeing.

Group Sound Harmonisations

Monday 18:15 or 19:15 | Studio (Time varies)

The Space