Yoga can help you generate inner peace and focus on the moment you're in - yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is the present, it’s a gift.

It's not about being super bendy or yoga serious, but be prepared as it can transform your life. It can reduce mental, physical and emotional pain, encourage better breathing and lung function, give more mobility and flexibility, increase range of movement, build strength from head to toe and help aid weight and stress management.

In group or individual yoga sessions, Gabby uses physical and energetic adjustments encouraging people to expand their mind, body and soul. Her style of teaching is influenced by Forrest Yoga, known for its long holding of positions, emphasis on abdominal core work and rounds of more active sun salutations. She also shares Restorative Yoga to encourage rest and nourishment to the nervous system, enabling bodies and minds to rest and to start to restore.

Individual Yoga sessions are 60-75 minutes and can be booked daily.



The antidote to stress. Taking time out each week to relax and renew is essential to living well.

Gabby helps you to settle into soothing, quietening positions that enable your body and mind to rest - each held for up to 10 minutes with nourishing support from blankets, bolsters, cushions, eye masks and maybe the odd chair. Think, still, quiet, dark and warm. Ahhh... delicious :)

Forrest Yoga is a modern yoga style derived from a eclectic mix of styles.

Created by American yogini Ana T. Forrest, postures are often held for longer with a focus on abdominal core work, sun salutations, plus a series of standing postures that have been adapted to meet the needs of modern society. You will experience a touch of vibrational energy work and native american music.

Group Yoga Sessions

Group Yoga Tues 18:15 | Online
Group Yoga Wed 19:30 | Studio
Group Yoga Thu 18:45 | Studio
Group Yoga Fri 09:15 | Studio
Group Yoga Sat 09:15 | Online

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