The Yoga & Sound Space

An eco-space – white light – clean energy.

The Yoga & Sound Space is light, clean and fresh, whilst retaining an earthy vibe. It features bespoke lighting and minimal colours allowing the body to give and receive energy more freely, thereby encouraging general wellbeing. Air purifying plants help capture and absorb harmful toxins that we naturally expel and receive from modern day living.

The mats, props, flooring etc. are all as environmentally friendly as they can be.
The eco yoga mats are made from Jute, a sustainable plant that’s grown in regions of India and Bangladesh in a 4 month period just prior to the rainy season. It is fast growing and uses land that would otherwise be dormant at that time so increasing revenue for farmers.

Bolsters and cushions are made with love by Gabby’s mum!

The presence of sound therapy instruments bring a sense of boldness and strength into the space with 32” and 36” gongs alongside a diverse range of other elemental instruments that are used in the Sound Harmonisations.

Himalayan Rock Salt candles and Paulo Santo (Native American Holy Wood) burn to help purify the air and energetically cleanse the space.

Bamboo flooring is sustainably sourced, with non-harmful harvesting taking 3-5 years to grow, kinder to our environment than wood taking 15-20 years to reach maturity. Its’ FCS certified, helping to address the exploitation and mismanagement of forests, whilst promoting the social biodiversity and ecological value of them through long term forestry management plans.

The Yoga & Sound Space was created using genuine and professional local people from Watlington to transform what was an office into an eco-friendly and energetically clean space. It was important to Gabby that the Yoga & Sound Space was created by local people for local people.

Yoga Massage Sound

42 High Street
OX49 5PY